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When it comes to insurance, it’s all about how you set up your policy. Make sure you are working with someone who will set up your policies properly to ensure there are no disappointments when it comes time to use it. I have access to several insurance companies that allows me to find the most appropriate coverage for your individual needs. Outside of work, I enjoy classic cars, fishing, and being outdoors as well as watching my favorite team the Seahawks. As a family man I also value spending time with my wife and two kids. 

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Office: (503) 446-1551
Cell: (360) 977-3681
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What Greg's clients are saying...

"Greg Bowyer quickly earned my trust with his deep knowledge and integrity. I feel a great peace of mind knowing his expertise got me the best coverage for my house and location."
- Melissa T.

"Greg was very helpful, informative, available, and efficient. He worked well with my mortgage broker, my realtor, and the escrow company. He definitely worked hard for me, and I appreciate it. His team was prompt with the paperwork and it made all the difference."
- Amy P.